Glass Creatures album

The Angel Of Downtown (McDonnell)

At the edge of night
Candy first walked in
Looking for work - she could sing
Had a little talent
She’s out with the diesel birds
On the nicotine breeze
The smell of the semen
Of the strange and the lonely

Working it up
Working me downtown
Wearing me out
Tapped-out and still downtown

The other girls liked her man, y’know
She used to take the time
To listen, and sit
And share the burden, a little
Leaning forward
Into the glow
Of the stripped down night-time
And the 24 hour show

Calling me back
Calling me downtown
Living it up
Losing it all downtown

When Candy talked, she was a kid again
On her brothers wheelchair for a backstreet ride
Or singing out loud when her Daddy asked
Sing out Angel

At the moment of waking
The first few seconds of fractured peace
Tick tock Tick tock
Then remember
Her bare arms Bangled and bruised
I found her
By the cold steel shutter
Where the old men mutter and drink

They picked her clean before her body was cold
With the high-heeled click of the barfly girls
And the other agents of the night
Passing by Candy

Passing her by
The angel of downtown
Passing her by
The angel of downtown….


Dan Maitland - Saxophone
Andy Bratt - Drums
Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Bass