Glass Creatures album

Hydrogen (McDonnell)

Night falls on the Southern shore. Ebony.
We look on as the heavens fill
And it’s true that we are woven
From the same, traces of the unseen thread
Which rolls through all things
The bond that will not be undone

And I have felt a presence
That disturbs me
As the first of men in their sacred places cried
To the sun and the stars, the countless stars

When the dark night falls on humankind
The still sad music may remain
The little, nameless, unremembered acts
Of kindness and of love
The complication
Which is the multitude, and one. In glory.

It’s in the mind of the common man
And the living air and the blue sky above us
A point of light and a motion
The starting place
The fountainhead of all things

Of the many, only one
The single thing, and a multitude
All at once, in glory, all glory
A motion and a spirit, that impels
All thinking things, All objects of all thoughts
And rolls through all things

It’s in the light of the setting sun
And the round, round ocean
It’s dwelling place in the setting sun


Al Cherry - Guitar
Phil Scragg - Bass
Andy Bratt - Drums
Hugh Wilkinson - Piano, Percussion
Dan Maitland - Acoustic guitar
Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, 12 String