Glass Creatures album

The Eve Of St Augustine (music by Randall, lyrics by McDonnell)

I lost a little concentration as I was driving through the plains
The silhouette of the Sierra Nevada rising in the dusk
To the East and to the South

This is where you have landed temporarily
At this heady altitude
A rented marble eyrie in the sky

You made me welcome
But then you always do
We tried to hide some of the damage in serenity
But we had the conversation anyway
With the smell of rain on the evergreens
After the dust of the afternoon
You called my name
And I followed you

Sitting in our redundant intimacy
Our boat on different waters

I say: From you I learned to measure the silence
And the value of my words
To always ask the question and be quick to condemn
To refuse the whip of pity offered gracefully

And you say: I feel that my trajectory has only grazed this Earth

With our imaginary fingers
We trace the course of an ordinary passion
Across the years - To this place
To its resting place

I have travelled from the cities of the North only to turn around
And I turn around
I turn around
I turn around

On the eve of St Augustine
On the eve of St Augustine
On the eve of St Augustine
St Augustine …..


Phil McDonnell - Vocals
Elliott Randall - Guitar
Steve Donnelly - Guitar
Neville Malcolm - Bass
Andy Treacey - Drums