Glass Creatures album

Atlas Stumbles (McDonnell)

Things can get peculiar
Here in the Atomic age
I get to wear my pessimist shoes
When the waters come
Midnight’s satellites
Practical astronomy
The signs look right, but the papers say no

Tawdry nights and dreary minds
Will slip away into that dark
Underneath the vault of Heaven
Our vanities torn and broken

In the middle of your favourite party
The hideous truth
It’s the beginning of the end of Summer
Sweet bird of youth
In the presence of a great temptation
We never resist
Anything the human heart can list

Strange news from the Western edge
There may be giants!
Now turned to stone
The pillars of the world
And you and I are measured by
The things we leave behind
So shadows fall and rain will fall in the time of the eclipses

The book of man is very short
A thousand stars in a little room
Who can rise When Atlas stumbles
Here comes the night

Lift the desert and take the oceans
Carry that weight
Is that a little ambitious maybe
(And a little too late)
Save a prayer for gravity
The fates will call
We’re such stuff that dreams are made on
After all…


Elliott Randall - Guitars
Andy Bratt - Drums
Hugh Wilkinson - Percussion
Dan Maitland - Saxophones
Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Piano, Keyboards
Phil Scragg - Bass