Glass Creatures album

Doctor D (McDonnell)

So far so good
When considering the chances that we took
That road In sight
Running the lights in the Broadway night
I could tell you about the worlds that we've seen
The faces of saints in my bowl of beans
His spies and spiders eyes
And dicing with people we really shouldn't be dicing with

Check that man behind the camera
He don't care about what you say
At your door and at your table
Take your photograph and drive away
When they call my lucky number
Will you still be waiting for me
Doctor D

She's all chicanery
Torn stockings and stuff like that
High risk Hard angles
Twisting the tail of that black dog
I bit my cheek and bled when I met her
And we went dancing on Friday night
It's just like all those movies
Where boy meets girl in the last of the light

Check that man…..

We made the first moves
Left no time for regret
And though we know there's something
Stronger than all we've got
We take the gamble
Take the drink, take the card
And close our eyes
And grip our hands
And wait to hear if you were calling out our names..

Check that man….


Elliott Randall - Guitar
Andy Bratt - Drums
Hugh Wilkinson - Percussion
Dan Maitland - Saxophones
Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Keyboards, Bass