Glass Creatures album

Camelia In The Backseat (McDonnell)

As evening pours its boredom out in measures
Camelia drifts through penthouse rooms
A come down from the early show
As approval fades it leaves her sharp and needy
Camelia calls her driver “Take me
To places that I used to know”
There are faces in the dirt and snow
She huddles in her furs and turns away

Spilling tears in the backseat
Crying in her limousine
For people that you left behind
Or for yourself
You never took the time
You got vinegar instead of wine
Crying in the backseat in the dark

The working stiffs who wrote the tunes that made you
In airless rooms of sunlit blocks
From cities where you’ve never been
What matters they retain - you have the shadow
The remorse and pills of the unfulfilled
The friends that you can barely trust
Your diamonds were only dust
A heart that falters on some borderline

Spilling tears on the backseat
Crying in your limousine
Watching drinkers in the empty lot
Where you one played
Weighing out the loss and gain
The memories before the fame
Crying in the backseat in the dark

The wretched men in ragged clothes
The damaged kids with heavy loads
The unredeemed
Pulling at your greed
Like Daddy when his time came
On the streets

Guy Peellaert, Diana Ross, from Rock Dreams (1970-1973) © The Estate of Guy Peellaert


Al Cherry - Guitar
Andy Bratt - Drums
Hugh Wilkinson - Percussion
Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Whistling