Photographs Of Ghosts album

The Avocado Coast (McDonnell)

I'll keep the package in the chapel
You check the Padre in the trunk of his Cadillac
This kick is west of Pandemonium. All change.
Fanfare the chemistry of penetrating light
A panacea or a chilli cherry pathogen
Black market kinky for your Saturday night
We thought we'd be the painters of peculiar
Bat shit crazy philosophers

We took the trip Salida
Left the floor
We jumped the ship Llagado
Hit the shore

And maybe we should make a prayer and wish
There isn't anywhere that's odder than this.
With the cagey priests in their smallpox slumbers
Playing out their sleazy numbers
On the Avocado Coast

We made 'em panic up in paradise
Dizzy paranoia for the man in the chair
My plastic surgeon is just out on parole
We could hide for years down in Curacao
Learn to play the Cha-cha-cha
Papaver and paprika
Chop and chisel right on the beach
It's a biochemical barbeque

End the mime Messiah
Can you feel the touch?
I think it's time I surrender
Cede (and such)

From you kitchenette laboratory
To the politics of greed
If you want to dabble in the democratic babble
And pawn your pearls for flattery
You're on the Avocado Coast


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Drums and Percussion
Tim Palmer - Guitar and Bass
Dan Maitland - Saxophones