Glass Creatures album

Unbroken (McDonnell)

Out of this city
One on a hundred wheels
The turn of the page was closer than we knew
Than I knew
Station to station
Pulling the miles apart
Breaking the years
And folding the memories away

This is my heart Still it’s your heart
I guess you can use it anyway
Though you locked it in the dark
Where any other kind of life would lie down and fade
It’s still strong And I know it will fight on

Every little thing that you did and said to me - Everything I feel
I’ve thought it over a thousand times
I shouldn’t want you to keep on hurting me - Scorned beneath your heel
The way you hurt me a thousand times before
Although my heart is a burned and beaten thing - Tested through the fire
It’s gonna rise again
Oh my love - Oh my love
It is torn but…..Unbroken

Can’t keep my eyes shut
Sleep is escaping me
Turn up the sound
And listen to Katy Lied
I talk to myself now
But only a fool can hear
Whispers of moving on
And forgetting you

This is my heart ………

If the dark of this night goes on and on - If the cities fall
Should it last a thousand years… and
Though I’m waiting, I won’t give up on you - Should your heart reach out
If it takes a thousand years or more - at all
Nothing ever defeats a human heart - Ever down the years
It’s gonna rise again
Oh my love - Oh my love
It would still be … Unbroken


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Keyboards
Dan Maitland - Saxophone
Al Cherry - Guitars
Andy Bratt - Drums
Phil Scragg - Bass