The 5th Book Of Strangers album

Holy Joe (McDonnell)

Well it's hard to be righteous
When you're down on your knees
You got the power of persuasion
But you use it like a disease
You were sneaking to her best friend
When the camera picked you up
Sly and immaculate

There are songs for blasphemers
And for slaves and cigarettes
He told me with a sad smile
As faint as faded regret
The prayers get offered up
But the prayers are unanswered
(At least we ain't heard anything yet)

Holy Joe I'd like to believe you
Though there's something of the night
Hiding in your affability
Holy Joe Seems there's a good chance
You could feel the same as those mutts
(….. although you say you never will)
Your sins are laid across the sky tonight
Oh don't give me your reasons why
You think it's alright

You tempt the guilty
To your door
Like a venal monseignor
These gaudy widows thrill
Before your lofty distain
….. and do it all again

So we drink our cold Manhattans
While we mock the stars above
And reflect on life's ironies
And the luck we're dreaming of
I couldn't ever be ready Joe
For the times you let me down
You're a sinner in the chapel of love

Holy Joe For once in your lifetime
Well this could be your night
To hit the big time, (hypothetically)
Holy Joe You blew it again
Don't let the monkey in your brain
Tell you there are colder hearts than mine
Your sins are laid across the sky tonight
For this city of broken souls
To crucify


Phil McDonnell – Vocals, Piano, Organ, Drums, Horn arrangements

Tim Palmer - Guitars and Bass