Glass Creatures album

Counting Crimes (McDonnell)

The jewels of curiosity
And the burdens of the heart
Remains of every stumble in the dark
As time will heal the spirit
So love can fade away
And finally the process is the same

As a child might hear it's mothers call
And know that sound from every other
In the world
I will still remember. When I
Carry the weight alone
Carry the song although
Things fall apart

Only reason
Counting crimes
Only broken notes and sighs
Hand of glory Hand of time
Touch the fire and the lie
The misdemeanors that we deny

Break my fingers and cut my throat
The damage of the day
That lies between the action and the intention
I did not write this song for you
I did not write this song
Blessed is the thief
Who knows what he's stolen

Although I needed no reminder
I am confronted by my limits
Every day
And like a leaf upon the ocean
Tides may carry my life away
Or carry me home again to where you are

Losing lovers
Counting each
What's the number you have reached?
Making fiction
Counting crimes
Forging pictures of our lives
Misdemeanors that we deny


Al Cherry - Guitars
Phil Scragg - Bass
Andy Bratt - Drums and Harmony Vocals
Dan Maitland - Harmony Vocals
Hugh Wilkinson - Piano, Percussion
Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Organ, Accordian