The 5th Book Of Strangers album

Idiot Children (McDonnell)

Cherry and me, after what we've done
We'd better leave this hemisphere
We'll get a rusty steamer out of Borneo
And find a new frontier
This ain't whiskey, whiskey
But if you close your eyes.....well
We got a thousand miles to go
So don't give me your barefoot lies

There's a thrill In fever dreams and wild things when you held me
What did you see so strange
Following me In the rain
I was chasing the shadows of Hemingway

We are Idiot children playing hide and seek
Idiot dreaming this losing streak
All these fallen angels that once were small town kids

I lost my shirt in Africa playing Serengeti Slam
And Kilimanjaro ain't all that, honey
To a careless man
A diamond in my hand, Cherry
You were a diamond in my hand
Just wasted on me
I got a used up liver and shaky hands
So dont throw it away on a broken sinner
Your little copper heart

We were young then Under ancient skies We were pirates On a last ride
It was enough Out there
Watching the light on your hair
But I turned away love when I needed it most

We were Idiot children playing hide and seek
It's all Idiot Stories and Siren songs
For a while We were running our fingers along the Earth's sharp edge


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion

Tim Palmer - Guitars, Percussion