The 5th Book Of Strangers album

You Are The Flood (McDonnell)

Why don't you lay down
Next to me
And be my satellite

Then I can watch you
When you're sleeping
at the edge of the light

I don't believe in promises
I've seen too many lies
But I can lose my wisdom
In your eyes
In your eyes

You are the flood
I took the cork out of the bottle
Now the ocean is in my blood
Turbulent sea
Spiralling and spinning
In the core of me

Only you
Can lead me through

The hazards of the heart
Forbidden music in the dark
To have it all and then to let it go
To let it go

I have no song for you
Just the seasons that roll and the things we stole
But now all of the world ,
For the things you do, it sings for you

Love is a wound that never heals
Oh we can't help
The way we feel but

Can we learn
To find our way
Way back home?
Our pilgrim souls

You are the flood
That can bring me to my knees and
Scatter my will to dust
Do you know? You can
Turn my steel to rust and
Burn me down like a candle
Or set me free
Rise and give me grace
Take my hand
Take me from this place

Take my heart
In your flood


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Bechstein piano, Cello samples

Tim Palmer - Electric and Acoustic guitars