The 5th Book Of Strangers album

Blood And Ethanol (McDonnell)

Throwing off my fever sheets
Making X-rays of galaxies
I would have dazed you with my gifts
But I tripped and stubbed my ego

Don't be alarmed
All it took was my blood
….and ethanol

We could stand out here all night
` And pretend that we're doing alright
We got the chocolate and Valium
So would it break your heart to try

After all
It was only my blood
And ethanol

The songs line up like beggars
Singing 'Bless my maudlin soul'
But there's no place for redemption there
Beneath your empty sky

Sprawling out in the back booth
Down at Sammy's bar and lounge
I got the mescal and the apathy
And my sulky mood to drown
I don't really miss the avarice
…...so far.....

I'm not afraid of the writers block
'Cause I'm talking to a ghost
But I can still deal the metaphors
Like a Blackjack croupier

In the end
All that's left is my blood
….and ethanol


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Piano, Drums, Orchestrations, Keyboards
Tim Palmer - Guitars, Bass