The 5th Book Of Strangers album

What The Heart Pursues (McDonnell)

It's the time of night
When the heart gets weaker
In the idiot moonlight
I've got low resolution
A captive acolyte
Of her Siren calling
She says, “I like to think of you
As Icarus falling”

It isn't insomnia
I'm afraid to fall asleep
I've already come this far
For what the heart pursues

All this time
What do I miss the most
Scratched up record voices
And photographs of ghosts
My blood red poetry
In a book of unread rhyme
A big screen panorama
For your CCTV eyes

This is the way we live
Like lunatics and fools
These are the things we give
For what the heart pursues

I can't help feeling
That I'm a little lost
Maybe I don't know nothing
I can't stop trying
Don't you ever learn
I'm gonna bleed a little more

She's crazy twisted
And sweet like honey too
She says “God loves a drama”
But it's wasted on you

Everything leaves its mark
The human residue
Stumbling in the dark
For what the heart pursues
What the heart pursues


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Keyboards, Drums, Mandolin

Tim Palmer - All Guitars, Bass