Confessions & Lies album

Promised Land (McDonnell)

Raise your head. Another day begins
Skies stark and white
And specked with crying crows
Search your hurt
And draw the strength again
We need to rise

I know your need, and need must grow in you
Like that sin that mocks the meat on which it feeds
You consumed me
The drinker drunk
And all must fall

If this is the promised land
What hope is there for promises
Which light our dreams
Lift up our hands
And rob us in the night

A time must come
When all is stripped away
And yet there may be
A light that never dies
But like a star
Cold and distant now
Still moving away

If this is the promised land…

Even now we stand in paradise
These few square feet
This human mind
This single moment
When all the rest is clear
Like darkness in the day

If this is the promised land…

the promised land


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Piano, Organ, String Synthesisier, Penny Whistle, Accordian, Guitar, Autoharp
Ben Henderson - Bass