Confessions & Lies album

Dragonfly (McDonnell)

Hide my eyes in memories
The way she hides from me
The city nights are no remedy
It’s still her wings that I see

She drew me out of the centre stream
Into a pool of her own
The only time that I’d ever been
A throw away from the stone

Take me as you find me
Don’t hope to re-arrange
If you call me
When you want me
Then I’ll be there
I’ll be with you carrilla - Dragonfly

I know that people have heard of her
I hear them say that she’s free
But take a look at her carefully
She’s just a victim like me

She took me in with her silver eyes
And drew me into this place
She took a pen full of fantasy
And drew the lines on my face

Leave me as you found me
I’m moving on again
I won’t be there
When you reach for me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me now carrilla - Dragonfly

Every passing day
A little more is lost
Another dream that fades
Like morning frost
When holding on too hard
Can only crush the life
Release release
Let it go

Insect wing


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Electric Piano, Organ, Drums, Bass, Synthesisers
Hugh Wilkinson - Vibraphone, Percussion
Al Cherry - Guitar