Confessions & Lies album

Main Street (McDonnell)

Ruby says there’s a strange kind of magic hanging over you
She knows when you start feeling lucky there’s a price to pay
Keyed in to maximum pleasure
There underneath the liquor lights
They come to hear the way that she says
“Totally wrong” and “Utterly free”
On Main Street, she’s on Main Street

A hungry world is the right kind of setting for a hungry girl
So strange the way that appetites grow
She’s getting things the way she likes them
She’s flashing her bianco smile
The world will beat a path to her door
You think you can use them
and throw them away
Sometimes you should hear the things that you say

I’m tired of waiting for you
And when I think that you’ve gone for good
And I’ve got you out of my blood
It strikes - Oh no
Why can’t I stay angry at you?
I thought that you were out of my life
But you came back to me
Back to Main Street

main street


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Electric piano, Organ
Andy Bratt - Drums
Phil Scragg - Bass
Dan Maitland - Saxophone
Al Cherry - Guitar