Photographs Of Ghosts album

Open My Eyes (McDonnell)

Gabriel smiles
So today will be a good day
A flicker of sun on a sea of grey. Ephemeral
His eyes are on your face
Appraising, like a jeweller

Along the bar
Where the Cuba Libre cocktails are shimmering
He's checking out the dancefloor girls
In their pinching fashion shoes. Shrilling
He's heard your voice
But not your words
And missed your private struggles
In this public fuss and whirl
You breathe.......and dive again

Carry your suffering
To the old cross
Down where the river bends
There is refuge in misery
Familiar poisons are the best

Above the bay
In the sulking crosstown taxicab
He throws it all away
He says “You don't deserve nice things”
Well, catalysts and chemistry
And Newtons final law
Say – walk away from everything
Should have walked away before
But your doubts, have shackled you here....
Drawn down by gravity

Roberta says,
(and she should know these things)
that there's a darkness in your bones
That's gathering
Particles – like sediment
Fragments of the whole
Grow the thorns that hedge around your heart

Night comes. Snow falling on the turbulent sea
And as he thought you slept
Gabriel wept
So you send up a prayer
Open my eyes
Help me to understand
Open my eyes
Let me see the way


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Bechstein piano, Keyboards, Drums & percussion
Tim Palmer - Guitars, Bass