Photographs Of Ghosts album

Hey Veronica (McDonnell)

In the heart of the beast, at the midnight zoo
There's speculation about who's fooling who
Well my feet had the busiest time
To put me in the dance with you
With all our dissolute charm
We just couldn't get a break tonight

We watch the movie, through reptile eyes
Double feature with 'The Long Goodbye'
Oh you didn't tell me then
That your heart was made of clay
One day your gonna free your curious soul
And it all will flicker away

Call me, at the idiot party
Where the losers blow around
And the ragged sinners
Drown my voice again
Another life, under blue light city nights
You sure know the way to swing
It's a crime you carry on that way

Misdirection. Tumbling dice
The silver linings of our lives of vice
Hey Veronica, who you gonna be tonight?
I'm on the charter flight to Lima
And the Devil can have my jazz

Some time, after all this breathing
In the cycle of the Gyre
We could lose ourselves in sweet forgetfulness
A million years of the great Leviathan
Under the shifting sands
It's a shame we came back at all


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Electric Piano, Keyboards, Drums
Tim Palmer - Guitars, Bass