Photographs Of Ghosts album

Frequency (McDonnell)

I had a band back then
Reaching out for things beyond our years
Guiding light. Played on through the night
Around the table, mystical events
Dipping into drugs. Dipping into love
To save or make a life
True and strong enough to live

I want the songs that you sang
To come and carry me away
Carry me away
To my home again
And I want the words that you wrote
To take the burden of the day
Wash it all away
And make new again
That frequency, on my frequency

Soon, how soon
All of the hearts grew cold
And the tongues grew sharp. Plunder in the dark
Hard navigation, through the blades and flames
It took the time away… took the will
But still we’d rise

When the tide of tunes would take us on it’s waves
And crash in all around us
Like some breakers on a
Shore to shore
This search for you is all I’m waking for
This frequency

I want the songs…


Phil McDonnell - Vocals, Piano Synthesisers, Drums
Tim Palmer - Guitars, Bass